So here’s a preview draft of one of the pieces from my forthcoming collection “Three Notebooks”. I just wrote this so it’s definitely a first draft. I’ve been reading a lot of Ernest Cline lately:

My son kills me in a frozen wasteland. 

He is a man now. 

His light saber cuts through my stormtrooper in a blur of youth and finesse. My 1080 HD LCD corpse hits the snow on Hoth before my empire can strike back. My Playstation controller vibrates a death rattle. It is done. 

I think back to an 8 bit Donkey Kong victory I had over my father in 1985. I was 9, Carter is 8 he’s bested my record and did it with a light saber. 

I am old. I will soon be put to gamer pasture, forced to only play co-op mode with Carter or versus mode against my wife while Carter plays kids in Tokoyo online for a real challenge. 

Carter doesn’t care that I saved Zelda or that I punched out Mike Tyson or that my thumbs twitch up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-A-B-select-start almost involuntarily. 

He just cares he’s reclaimed Hoth for the rebellion. The “game over” on my split screen signaling the end of my era, his first youthful win over experience. One of many to be sure. 

I press continue with three seconds left and my new stormtrooper bravely ascends a snowy hill to an all but certain 8 year old Jedi doom. A foregone conclusion. You just can’t fight time. 

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Preview from upcoming book “Midwest Coast”

So I’m hoping for a December release on the new book titled Midwest Coast.  I’m really excited about this project it’s my first solo book since 2008.  Here’s a one of the pieces from the book.  Enjoy!

The Triumphant Return of Me!
Suck and
Hotels alone are miserable places
Alone in a hotel is every
Boring car ride I had when I was eight
A prisoner trapped
In an era void of DVD players and iPods
I had a travel-size Hungry Hungry Hippos
Marbles falling on the floor, rolling
No big deal as the early 80’s were more keen
On Prince than car seats or seatbelts
Spending summer drives rolling on the car floor
Picking up marbles
Rolling under seats
Must feed tiny plastic hippos…bored
Hoping to arrive in Kansas City
To see the dolphin show two decades before anyone
Would really think to question do the dolphins
Like being in a tank in Kansas City jumping
And jumping and jumping for clapping fans from
Omaha their kid just happy to not be in the car
Chasing marbles to feed hippos
The dolphins trapped, confined with no working internet
Kind of like me in this hotel

Redeem the week
Driving in this decade is better now trading hippos for
A travel-sized Apple that contains every
CD my computer has ever come in contact with
It is an army of hippos devouring any song that happens by
My car speakers continue to beat my eardrums into ringing submission
Decades and genres clash and cute girls in Hondas
Laugh at the middle age loser singing in his car
But singing feels good and I’m happy to have laughter around me
It feels like freedom and Disney and a Tom Petty song
I shoot up the 101 along the ocean
Heading home to kids who when I walk in
Will become a parade in my honor
I will be drowned in ticker tape, cheers and joy
My triumphant return from the mystery that is WORKING
I see dolphins jumping in the ocean
The whole pacific in front of them
They keep pace with my car: air, ocean, air, ocean
We revel in our freedom
I tell my dolphins
I speed home to the triumphant return of me

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Angels baseball!

Taking your son to a baseball game is one of the best things you can do.